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BuzzFx About PAMM

BuzzFx About PAMM

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What is a PAMM Account?

Percentage allocation management module, also known as percentage allocation money management or PAMM, is a form of pooled money forex trading. An investor gets to allocate his or her money in desired proportion to the qualified money manager of his or her choice. These managers may manage multiple forex trading accounts using their own capital and pooled PAMM client's moneys, with an aim to generate profits.

To demonstrate further, let’s look at an example:

The participants in the PAMM Account setup are:

  • BuzzFx the brokerage firm.
  • BuzzFx money manager(s).
  • BuzzFx investor(s)

The investors (say Peter, Paul, and Phil) are interested in reaping profits from forex trading, but they either don't have time to devote to trading activities or don’t have sufficient knowledge to trade forex. Enter the professional money managers (Marcus and Mathew), who have expertise in trading and managing other people’s money (like a mutual fund manager), along with their individual trading capital. BuzzFx signs up Marcus and Mathew as PAMM money managers for managing other investors’ money. The investors (Peter, Paul and Phil) also signup with Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA). The crux of the signed agreement is that investors agree to take the risk for the forex trades, by giving their capital to their chosen money manager who will use the pooled money to trade forex per his trading style and strategy. It also states how much the money (or percentage) the manager will charge as his take for offering this service.

let’s assume that all three investors chose Marcus to manage their share of money for forex trading and Marcus charges 10% of the profit. In terms of percentage contribution to the total pooled PAMM fund of $ 15,000, each investor has the following share:

Paul = $4,000 / $15,000 = 26.67% and similarly,

Peter = 23.33%

Phil = 16.67%

Marcus = 33.33%

(The sum total of all shares in the pool always remains 1 or 100%.)

Suppose one trading term passes (e.g., a month) and Marcus manages to make a cool 30% profit on his pool, which now stands at $19,500 ($15,000 + 30% profit or $4,500).

He takes away his 10% charge on profit or $450. The remaining profit of $4,050 is distributed to all investors based on what percent they each have in the total pool:

Paul = $4,050 * 26.67% = $1,080

Peter = $4,050 * 23.33% = $945

Phil = $4,050 * 16.67% = $675

Marcus = $4,050 * 33.33% = $1,350

Total = $19,050

Assume that because of the first term stellar performance of 30% returns, all three investors decide to continue with Marcus for another term. Paul and Peter stay invested with their (original + returns) amount, while Phil cashes out the profit, leaving only his original investment of $2,500. Peter also refers a friend, Pike, to join the pool, and Pike brings $2,625. Another new investor, Pam, signs up and selects Marcus to manage her $1,000. The total trading pool for Marcus is now = $22,000.

Percentage share for each investor:

Paul = $5,080/22,000 = 23.09%

Peter = 20.20%

Phil = 11.36%

Marcus = 28.86%

Pike = 11.93%

Pam = 4.55%

Marcus manages a 15% return during this term (15% * $22,000 = $3,300) and takes his 10% ($330). The remaining profit of $2,970 will be available to individual investors per their respective share:

Paul = 23.09% * $2,970 = $685.80

Peter = $600.08

Phil = $337.50

Marcus = $857.25

Pike = $354.38

Pam = $135.00

Total pooled money in the fund = $24,970.

Next, let's assume all the investors continue with the above investments for another month with Marcus, who unfortunately loses 20%. This means no 10% profit share for Marcus and each investor will see their share of the pooled investment drop by 20%, bringing the pooled money down $4994 to $19,976.

Paul = $5,765.8 - 20% = $4,612.64

Peter = $4,036.06

Phil = $2,270.00

Marcus = $5,765.80

Pike = $2,383.50

Pam = $908.00

Total pooled PAMM fund for Marcus = $19,976

At the end of each term, investor has the choice to continue with the money manager, switch to another money manager partially or fully, or cash out the capital.

The role of BuzzFx is to:

  • Provide a secure, reliable platform that allows money managers and investors to interact.
  • Facilitate the trading activities of money managers within the realms of allowed regulations.
  • Facilitate the account keeping, deposits, withdrawal, and related activities.
  • Apart from a usual trading business platform, allow transparent review, feedback, rating, and related mechanisms for investors and money managers to select and interact with each other.

All investments and transfers within the BuzzFx PAMM program are fully controlled by BuzzFx accounts department automatically, ensuring that both the Investor and Fund Manager have serenity when it comes to safekeeping. As a trade is closed, profits and losses (P/L) are distributed to the Investors and Fund Manager, based on their participation. At predefined periods of time, the BuzzFx PAMM Manager receives the fee specified within the Manager's Offer.