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BuzzFx Spot Commodities

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Key Facts

  • Commodities are sorted into four categories: metal, energy, livestock and meat, and agricultural.
  • For investors, commodities can be an important way to diversify their portfolio beyond traditional securities.
  • Commodities are known to be risky investments because of the market (supply and demand).
  • There are a number of ways to invest in commodities, such as futures contracts, options, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Put Your Skills to The Test

With BuzzFx Meta Trader 5 platform you can put your skills to the test.

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  • 1000 Market Products
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  • 100% Deposit Bonus
  • Three Premium Accounts
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Swap Values in Points Trading Hours
Symbol Spread Leverage (up to) Short Long Sunday Friday break Margin Requirment

US Cocoa

Interbank 1-500* -0.5 -1.58 11:45:00 20:29:59 - 2% of contract value


Interbank 1-500* -0.51 -1.54 11:15:00 20:29:59 - 2% of contract value


Interbank 1-500* -0.53 -1.58 1:00:00 23:59:59 Daily 23:59:59 - 01:00:00 2% of contract value

US Cotton No.2

Interbank 1-500* -1 -3.3 4:00:00 21:19:59 - 2% of contract value

Sugar #11

Interbank 1-500* -0.13 -0.39 10:30:00 19:59:59 - 2% of contract value


  • Swaps values may be adjusted daily based on market conditions. Triple swaps are applied every Wednesday.
  • Server Times: Winter: GMT and Summer: GMT (DST) (last Sunday of March and ends last Sunday of October).
  • During the time period from 23:55 to 00:05 server time increased spreads and decreased liquidity can take place due to daily bank rollover. In case of inadequate liquidity/spreads during bank rollover, widened spreads and excessive slippage may occur. Therefore orders may not be executed during these times