High Risk Investment Warning
CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

The Benefits of BuzzFx 100% deposit Bonus!

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The Benefits of BuzzFx 100% deposit Bonus!

Reap the benefits of BuzzFx 100% deposit Bonus!

Gain $5,000.00



Leverage Power

BuzzFx deposit bonus is a compensation given to the client for signing up for the 100% bonus promotion. The cash bonus can reach up to USD5000 per client account plus a few extra incentives, when the client signs up and make the minimum deposit.

To receive the bonus, you must first fund your account and within few hours or less you will receive the cash bonus.

BuzzFx offers this bonus for every time you make a deposit.

1. Bigger trading capital/equity

Let’s say you fund your account with USD1,000 and the bonus is at 100% upon deposit. So that’s an additional USD1000. This means your overall equity is now USD2000.

You can then trade this amount without the increased risk. After all, the extra USD1000 is your bonus. If you happen to make a winning trade, then you earn more profit from the money you deposited. If you increase the amount of your initial deposit, you can also hold more positions and trade bigger lot sizes.

2. Increased leverage Power

With more capital in your account, the better position size you can trade. This increases the likelihood of earning bigger profits.

Because part of the equity you trade is your bonus, you can leverage your position at a greater advantage than if you’re only using your own funds. This eliminates a bit of the risk that usually comes with increased leverage.

3. Lower initial investment

You can deposit half of your initial planned investment as BuzzFx will deposit for you the other Half.

4. Test BuzzFx trading platform

Test BuzzFx trading platform performance, the minimum deposit combined with the 100% deposit bonus will give you enough funds to explore.

The 100% bonus will also provide you with the opportunity to sharpen your trading skills or test the outcome of a specific strategy that you want to execute.


BuzzFx promotions and bonuses are designed with realistic targets that are achievable by many of the sensible traders in the market, there are no hidden fees, hidden conditions or hidden agendas.

Understanding the link between your deposit, bonus and trading capital

Simply put, the bigger the deposit you make, the bigger your trading capital becomes.

For example, if you deposit USD500 and a 100% trading bonus is applied, the bonus received is USD 500. Added to your trading capital, the total now becomes USD1000. You can then use the amount to open trades and choose better position sizes.

If you crank up the amount to USD10,000, then your capital increases to USD20,000 when the same 100% bonus is applied.

So even when BuzzFx requires a minimum deposit, you have more advantage if you fund your account with a bigger amount.